S'mores Caramel Apple

S’Mores Caramel Apple Recipe

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It’s almost fall and that means it’s time to start creating a whole lot of delicious apple recipes! I love a nice sweet and crisp apple and I also have a thing for sweet and crisp apples coated in caramel.

But after we had traditional S’mores the other day I began to wonder what would a S’mores caramel-coated apples taste like. But I also think, should I be tampering with tradition?

Well, wonder no more, I present to you the S’Mores Caramel Apple.

S'mores Caramel Apple

What would Johnny Apple Seed think? Well, I think he would love it and ask for another.

S'mores Caramel Apple

Here’s what you need to do to break away from the traditional caramel apple and introduce a whole new level of goodness with this S’mores Caramel Apple.

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Oh, if, by some weird twist of fate the apples don’t work out exactly how you expected all is not lost. I had a caramel apple fail last year and turned it into caramel apple crumbled pie. Genius, right?

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S’Mores Caramel Apple Ingredients

4 Apples
3-4 Bags of Craft Caramels
1 Cup Whole Milk
1-2 Cups Mini Marshmallows
Hershey’s chocolate syrup
Special Equipment:
Wax Paper
Cookie Sheet
Wood Popsicle Sticks
Chef’s Torch
Put wax paper on top of a cookie sheet, should be large enough so apples do not touch

S’Mores Caramel Apple Directions

Over medium heat place a large saucepan, then add milk

Remove caramels from packaging and place into milk, stir frequently (do not allow to boil)

Remove stems from apples, rinse and pat dry

Place a wood stick in the top of apples where the stem should be

Hold on to the wood stick and dip the apple into warm caramel, use a large tablespoon to help evenly coat warm caramel over apple

Remove and place the apple on wax paper with the wood stick pointing upward

Carefully place mini marshmallows all over caramel apple, circle side down

Using a chef’s torch toast mini marshmallows

Place cookie sheet with wax paper and apples inside of the refrigerator so caramel can set.

Before serving drizzle with chocolate syrup.

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smores caramel apple recipe

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