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18 Delicious Weight Watchers Recipes Perfect for Lunch or Dinner

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If you’re just starting your Weight Watchers journey or if you’ve been on it a while you know how important it is to have some delicious weight watchers recipes readily available.

I asked some friends share their favorite recipes and came up with 18 recipes to help mix things up a bit.

18 Delicious Weight Watchers Recipes Perfect for Lunch or Dinner

Best Salad Dressings For Weight Watchers

Best Salad Dressings for Weight Watchers From Midlife Healthy Living

These are the best salad dressings for Weight Watchers. All options can be found below by plan color and point value!

As we focus on eating healthily, salad is usually on our meal plans. Salad doesn’t need to be boring though – you can add various things for extra flair!

Weight Watchers Banana Pancakes Flourless

Weight Watchers Banana Pancakes (Flourless) From One Wholesome Life

These Weight Watchers Banana Pancakes are super fluffy on the inside but crispy on the outside – you only need 5 simple ingredients for them!

Use overripe bananas when crafting banana pancakes; their soft and sweet textures combine better with eggs for the ideal pancake experience.

Your bananas might not have been sufficiently mashed; make sure they’re mixed until smooth for optimal pancake results.

Weight Watchers Beef Stroganoff

Weight Watchers Beef Stroganoff From All She Cooks

Weight Watchers Hamburger Stroganoff is one of our go-to Weight Watchers recipes! A healthier take on traditional beef stroganoff.

Ground Beef Stroganoff is one of those delicious yet simple meals that’s simply irresistible – its irresistibly creamy taste sealed off with sour cream makes this irresistibly delectable dish irresistibly delectable, leaving every bite leaving behind an undeniably yummy! taste that just can’t be denied.

Weight Watchers Cheesecake Recipe

Weight Watchers Cheesecake Recipe From Midlife Healthy Living

Weight Watchers cheesecake recipe made simple! Perfect for sharing, everyone will delight in enjoying this delectable treat.

As part of making Weight Watchers desserts these days, it’s wise to monitor sugar and carb levels carefully. We have created this recipe using sugar-free cheesecake Jello mix that can help cut back on both sugar and carb intake in this treat!

Make a delicious Weight Watchers-friendly cheesecake dessert easily with this fool-proof recipe that doesn’t require too much work or stress! Enjoy making this delectable treat without worry or stress about creating something delicious for dessert at WW!

Weight Watchers Chicken Salad

Weight Watchers Chicken Salad From The Food Hussy

Weight Watchers Chicken Salad is light, crunchy, and sweet; and my new go-to lunch!

Normal chicken salad recipes tend not to include extra toppings or ingredients – however I needed something extra flavorful and nutritional in this case because I’m using less mayo!

Making chicken salad is simple: chop up all your ingredients and combine them. For maximum flavor impact, I like making it the night before for best results.

Ww Pork With Creamy Mustard Caper Sauce

WW Pork With Creamy Mustard Caper Sauce From Food Meanderings

This delicious Weight Watchers boneless pork recipe with creamy mustard caper sauce can be prepared quickly and easily in under 30 minutes!

Have to admit it; without ever trying it for yourself and hearing its name for the first time, capers might seem confusing at first. I didn’t try my first caper until my early 20s at Olive Garden’s pasta dish and was completely charmed! They are such delectable little morsels.

3 Point Weight Watchers Flatout Flatbread Pizza

3 Point Weight Watchers Flatout Flatbread Pizza From The Denver Housewife

Utilizing the Freestyle program with zero Points foods and Weight Watchers products makes selecting your food much simpler, with smart options and flexibility to enjoy more delicious recipes and foods to meet your goals. I don’t have to give up popcorn with family, ice cream, or pizza when there are low point (but healthy) alternatives available that I can indulge in!

Easy Thai Pork and Noodles

Easy Thai Pork and Noodles From Food Meanderings

Easy Thai Pork Noodles is a quick and delicious 30-minute dinner solution made with boneless pork, frozen broccoli and pantry items.

Thai pork is made easy using pantry items like peanut butter, soy sauce and spaghetti noodles – making this meal quick to prepare (in 30 minutes or less!), healthy and no need to run to the grocery store (see variations and substitutions for any missing ingredients!). Chilli garlic sauce gives it some spice!

Healthy Butter Chicken

Healthy Butter Chicken From Food Meanderings

This delicious Healthy Butter Chicken dish does not use butter, making it Weight Watcher friendly and gluten-free – plus easy to make!

Thai Chicken Wrap

Thai Chicken Wrap From Food Fun & Faraway Places

Weight Watchers Thai Chicken Wrap Recipe will have you feeling satisfied at lunch! A perfect way to stay on track!

Weight loss programs often get boring quickly, which makes introducing new foods vital. I know when I get bored I start eating things I shouldn’t; maybe its the bag of Cheetos my kids were snacking on while watching a movie last night or that half-gallon of Ben & Jerry’s (you get my drift!). We need you on board if we’re to see any success! Please say yes!

Weight Watchers Lasagna Soup

Weight Watchers Lasagna Soup From The Food Hussy

Weight Watchers Lasagna Soup is so delectable, warm and comforting but no pasta can be found within its walls! BUT… I have something exciting up my sleeve instead!

Warm comfort that you get with traditional lasagna soup is definitely not lacking in this delectable recipe! I topped it with a tablespoon of ricotta and some Parmesan for extra richness – which was wonderful. Additionally, leftovers froze well if frozen!

Traditional Lasagna Soup has 14 points per bowl! But this healthier lasagna soup only has 4-5 points! I found out about Hearts of Palm lasagna “sheets”, each package of which only costs two points! They come in slices about 2”x4”; I then cut these up into bite-size 1-inch pieces as part of a soup recipe.

Weight Watchers Meatloaf

Weight Watchers Meatloaf From All She Cooks

Try a delicious Weight Watchers meatloaf recipe tonight – your family will surely love it! Weight Watchers recipes can help reduce calories while simultaneously satisfying hunger pangs.

At 4 Weight Watchers Points per serving, it’s an indulgent treat without feeling guilty! So go ahead and indulge without worry of guilt!

Weight Watchers Ranch Chicken Recipe

Weight Watchers Ranch Chicken Recipe From Cook Eat Go

My whole family loves Weight Watchers Ranch Chicken. Plus, its low Weight Watchers Points Plus Value and decent Weight Watchers Smart Points make this meal even better!

I absolutely adore fried chicken, and this looks like an incredible way to satisfy that craving with far fewer calories!

Weight Watchers Thai Chicken Wrap

Weight Watchers Thai Chicken Wrap From Sparkles to Sprinkles

Weight Watchers Thai Wraps are sure to please, offering delicious flavors at only 4 WW points each! Try swapping out the tortilla for lettuce to reduce this to only 2 points. Their delightful flavors may make you forget you are trying to stick to your diet plan!

Instead of opting for tortillas, why not switch up and use lettuce as the base instead – saving 2 points while still tasting delicious?

Thai Wraps are an amazing treat with only 4 WW points! To further reduce points, replace the tortilla with lettuce leaves to bring this down to only 2 points! With their flavorful flavors, Thai Wraps may even help you forget that you are on a diet.

Weight Watchers Turkey Meatloaf

Weight Watchers Turkey Meatloaf From The Food Hussy

My whole family loves meatloaf, so I wanted to create a recipe with more nutrition and moisture content! Your whole family will adore this tasty treat!

The meatloaf should be light, and adding vegetables helps me achieve this aim – I added plenty of peppers and onions to this healthy recipe along with air fryer sweet potato fries for an affordable dinner option.

The original recipe calls for ground beef and pork sausage, bread crumbs, cheese and more ketchup; to make this Weight Watchers-friendly recipe I added oatmeal mixed with skim milk as a binding agent instead of high calorie bread crumbs that offer little nutritional benefit. This results in a much lighter, “looser” meatloaf which doesn’t feel quite so heavy when eating it!

Weight Watchers Turkey Reuben Sandwich

Weight Watchers Turkey Reuben Sandwich From Food Meanderings

This Turkey Reuben Panini Sandwich makes a fantastic lunch option that is Weight Watchers-approved and can be prepared using leftover or deli turkey meat.

Paninis are my go-to warm sandwich choice and investing in a panini press was one of the smartest decisions I made; it instantly transforms boring, cold sandwiches into hot meals! Plus there’s just something comforting and cozy about devouring one; panini sandwiches are among my favorites!

Weight Watchers Vegetable Soup Recipe

Weight Watchers Vegetable Soup Recipe From Organized Island

Weight Watchers Vegetable Soup with Zero Points that you can make quickly on the stove! Part of Weight Watchers Freestyle program.

It’s delicious, filling and easy to prepare – something many other recipes fail at. With cauliflower, zucchini and tomatoes combined together in this hearty soup dish for an economical meal idea!

Weight Watchers Vegetarian Chili Recipe for ZERO Points

Weight Watchers Vegetarian Chili Recipe for ZERO Points! From DIY Candy

Weight Watchers vegetarian chili is an easy and delicious dish with zero points on the Freestyle program! Enjoy this filling and delectable dish today.

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