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Odd Roadside Attractions Along I-80

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This is a great guide for your next road trip along I-80 from Coast to Coast. If you’re planning a long road trip plan to stop at some of these weird and wonderful roadside attractions along the way. 

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We try to take a break every couple of hours during long road trips and we are always looking for odd roadside attractions.

I found these roadside attractions along I-80 that make a great place to stop and stretch your legs for a few minutes. Don’t miss these roadside attractions along I-80.

I’m sharing some of the best stops from New York to San Francisco.

Roadside Attractions I-80 Pennsylvania

People in a boulder field in Pennsylvania.

The Boulder Field, Lake Harmony, PA

Get out and stretch at this boulder field in Pennsylvania.

There are different sized and shaped rocks, some up to 26-feet long in a field that was created by glacial action.

This is a great spot to get out of the car for a bit. Be sure to wear good shoes. 

Located at Hwy 534, Lake Harmony, PA.

Statue of Bigfoot.

T-Rex and Bigfoot, DuBois, PA

I found Bigfoot in Pennsylvania!!!! Now I can say I spotted Bigfoot. You can find him at DooLittles Station. In addition to Bigfoot, you’ll find his friend, T-Rex. Be sure to grab lunch or a treat while you’re there. 

Located at 1290 Rich Hwy, DuBois, PA.

animals carved out of chocolate at daffin's candies.

Sharon, Pennsylvania: Daffin’s Chocolate Kingdom

Chocolate lovers are going to love this stop. A 400-pound turtle, frog, deer and other woodland creatures. So very sweet. 

Located at 496 East State St., Sharon, PA.

Roadside Attractions I-80 Ohio

Warren, OH: David Grohl Alley, World’s Largest Drumsticks

This is the PERFECT stop for music fans. An entire alley of art dedicated to David Grohl plus you’ll be able to see the World’s Largest Drumsticks.

Located at Near W. Market St & Main Ave SW.

Clyde, Ohio: Ice Cream Cone-Shaped Building

Stop for a tasty treat at this ice cream cone shaped building. How fun! 

Located at 314 W. McPherson Hwy, Clyde, OH

Roadside Attractions I-80 Indiana

Billboard advertising the mascot hall of fame.
(c)Mascot Hall of Fame

Whiting, Indiana: Mascot Hall of Fame

Seriously, a great place to run off extra energy. This 25,000 square foot facility pays tribute to America’s furry freakish sports ambassadors. 

Located at 1851 Front St., Whiting, IN.

Gary, Indiana: Fusion: Steel Workers and Fairies

Pretty cool sculpture of fairies flying out of a massive molten pot!

Located at 440 Broadway, Gary, IN.

Roadside Attractions I-80 Iowa

A giant rock painted with a firefighter and a fighter jet pilot also has quotes written on the rock.

Freedom Rock, Menlo, IA

Make a stop at this patriotic rock.

Located at 120th St., Menlo, IA.

Photo of the Largest Truck Stop on Iowa 80.

Walcott, IA World’s Largest Truck Stop

This is a great stop to note on your road trip guide.

Plus, you can grab a bite to eat, fill up the car with gas and stretch your legs.

Located at 755 W. Iowa 80 Rd.I-80, Exit 284 Walcott, IA.

If you have some extra time, head over to Winterset, IA and visit the Bridges of Madison County. It’s about 20 minutes south of I-80 and worth the stop if there’s time. A fun stop to see the covered bridges.

Photo of a large tree in the middle of the road.

Brayton, IA Tree In The Middle of the Road 

Might want to be careful taking the scenic route off I-80. Yikes.

Located at 2401-2449 350th St, Brayton, IA 50042.

Photo of a stone calming the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk in March 22,2228.

Riverside, IA Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk

Just in case you need a refresher of the awesomeness that is Captain Kirk…I guess instead of a road trip planner, Captain Kirk would have used a space trip planner 😉

NOTE: Riverside, IA is about 25 minutes south of I-80, but for Trekkie fans it’s worth the detour!

Located at 350th St., Brayton, IA.Photo of two Star Trek Actors.carhenge

Alliance, NE Carhenge

Step aside Stonehenge there’s a more modern take on your historic display.

Roadside Attractions I-80 Nebraska

A photo of Chimney Rock NE.

Bayard, NE

Chimney Rock National Historic Site

Lincoln, Nebraska: Giant Paper Airplane

A 32-foot long paper airplane replica that looks realistic. W. Adams St., Lincoln, NE

York, Nebraska: Marble Museum: World’s Largest Collection

Proof that there is a museum for everything. This one is all about marbles. If you’ve lost yours by this point on the road trip with the family this might be a good place to look for them.

Potter, Nebraska: 24-Hour Duckpin Bowling

Need a stop in the middle of the night. This is just the spot to try your hand at duckpin bowling.

Roadside Attractions I-80 Wyoming

Buford, Wyoming: Smallest Town In America

This used to be the smallest town in America with a population of 1, but that resident left over a decade ago and it’s now considered a ghost town.

Cheyenne, Wyoming: Giant Coffee Pot

Be sure to check out this coffee pot water tower when you stop for gas at Sapp Brothers fuel.

Pine Bluffs, Wyoming: Tee Pee House 

This home is shaped like a giant teepee with smaller teepee surrounding it. Definitely a unique home.

I-80 Service Rd., Pine Bluffs, WY

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  1. Is is weird to be sentimental about a road? I grew up on I-80. My home town in Iowa is about 15 minutes away and now I live just 15 minutes away from I-80 in Utah.

    We would travel from Iowa to Idaho to visit my grandparents every year.

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