Bayou Rum & Cocktail Recipes

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While visiting Lake Charles, Louisiana I made a stop at Bayou Rum.

It offers a little local flavor and produces some of the best rum in the region.

Their rum is crafted the Louisiana way in copper pots using 100% natural unrefined Louisiana cane sugar and molasses.

Bayou Rum-7

Touring the distillery I could tell that they take pride in their product and knows how to do rum right.

Bayou Rum-4

The tour starts with a quick video in the viewing room and then you’ll have a chance to tour the distillery.

There were quite a few barrels of rum aging.

Some of the rum is aged for 18 months, but most are bottled within 5 to 6 weeks.

Bayou Rum-5

During the tour, you’ll have the chance to see how the rum is aging in the barrel and maybe give it a little sniff test or taste.

Bayou Rum-6

Be sure to check out this fantastic painting on the wall during your visit.

Bayou Rum-8

They offer a varieties of rum including: Silver, Spiced, and Satsuma.

The Satsuma recipe is created using Satsuma fruit and is, hands down, my favorite of the three rums.

Bayou Rum-10

After the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to taste each of the rums.

The staff and owners are excited to share their product with visitors and happily pour you samples while sharing stories of life in the bayou.

Bayou Rum-11

^^^^Isn’t their packaging great???

Bayou Rum-15

During my visit, they created a few different cocktails for us to try and I’m sharing my favorite recipes with you.

The cocktail recipes are simple and only require a few ingredients.

Both of the recipes I’m sharing are Satsuma cocktails. 

Bayou Rum-16


1-8ounce glass of Simply Lemonade
1 shot Bayou Silver Rum
1-2 shots of Bayou Satsuma Rum


Pour the lemonade in a cup, add the Bayou Silver Rum.

Mix and then slowly add the Bayou Satsuma Rum to the top.

The satsuma will stay towards the top of the drink creating a pretty cocktail to serve to your guests.

Bayou Rum-14


8 ounces of Simply Blueberry Lemonade
1-2 shots of Bayou Satsuma Rum


Fill glass with ice.

Add Lemonade.

Add the Rum.

Stir and Enjoy.

Have you tried the Bayou Satsuma Rum yet? What is your favorite rum cocktail?


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