South America

Adventure travel in your 50’s: South America, you beauty!

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South America
South America is one of the largest beacons to students wanting to go for their gap year, but it is becoming a popular destination for 50+ travellers that aren’t bound by the idea of taking their yearly holiday to the Lake District. Travel with companies like Saga Holidays is becoming more and more the remit of the baby boomers wanting to seek adventure in this wonderful and colourful continent. There are many countries in South America, but for the sake of narrowing down the endless choice, we’ll stick to four very popular destinations:


This huge country has so many attractions it’s overwhelming. A river cruise down the Amazon will take you through the rainforest you read about as a child, and you’ll be able to see isolated cities, small communities and stunning wildlife that makes up the lifeblood of this immense nation. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, then descend on Rio during its infamous Carnaval held before the Lent every year and watch the Brazilians turn the city into a giant eye-popping festival.


Peru is one country that should not be skipped if you can help it. There is its most famous site, Machu Picchu, the impossible ancient Incan city, nestled in amongst a mountain range. Peru has an extremely diverse landscape, ranging from dense rainforest, dry plains and mountainous terrain in the form of the Andes, breaking your options wide open for exploring the great outdoors. Perhaps less well known, is the beaches of Peru, if you need a little rest and relaxation after all your trailing and hiking, head down to Mancora for a little sun and surf.

South America


Chile enjoys almost the entire western coastline of the continent and has dibs on half of Patagonia making it one of the most visually stunning countries in the world. Check out Santiago, encircled by the Andes, this city has a thriving art scene and one of the most modern and well-loved cities in South America. The Torres del Paine National Park will draw the outdoorsy, as it offers some of the best hiking in the world.


Wearing its European influence on its sleeves, Argentina has long been home to expats wanting to escape the old world for the new without feeling completely divorced from their homeland. Buenos Aires is a city to be reckoned with, bustling, sophisticated and friendly, it is without question the face of Argentina for foreigners wanting to get a taste of this fascinating country. However, step out of the city and you will find the other-worldly plains and mountains and forests of Patagonia, often described as the most beautiful place in the world. If you want to embrace nature, this is the place to do it. Argentina is famous for its wine, so make sure you go on one of the many winery tours offered in the country and get acquainted with new world wines, you won’t want anything else when you return home.

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