Tips For Hiking With Your Dog

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What to Look For in a Hiking Trail

Tips For Hiking With Your Dog

If you want to start hiking for weight loss purposes, a great way to start is to hike with your dog. They can keep it interesting and even help your dog get more exercise too. Here are some tips to follow if you plan to hike with your dog.

Bring Supplies For the Dog

Your dog needs just as much rest, water, and sustenance as you do, so keep that in mind when you are hiking with your dog. Make sure you bring water and a container for your dog to drink out. Bottled water is best, preferably in a bottle where it stays cool or at least room temperature. There are collapsible containers that make it really easy to bring water for your dog. If you are taking it on a longer hike, bring some snacks as well. You also want to have emergency supplies in your first aid kit for your dog in case it gets a bug bite or another type of injury while walking.

Hiking Safety Tips

Know the Leash Laws

Most hiking trails are going to require you to keep your dog on a leash, which is recommended either way. The leash protects your dog so that you can pull it back in case of an emergency, but also helps you ensure you know where your dog is at all times. If there is another person or animal your dog doesn’t like, it is protecting them as well by keeping your dog close to you without bothering other people or animals. It is always a good idea to bring along an extra leash just in case you need it.

How To Add Hiking To Your Fitness Routine

Know What Your Dog Can Handle

Just because your dog likes going on long walks around your neighborhood, doesn’t mean it is going to enjoy long hikes. You should start your dog slow, by introducing him or her to a short and easy hike in the beginning. Once your dog adjusts to this or you can see the dog enjoys the hike, then you can start bringing it on the more difficult ones. Don’t push your dog and make sure it gets plenty of breaks as needed.

Health Benefits of Hiking

Clean Up After Your Dog

If your dog goes to the bathroom on the hike, make sure you clean up after it. Being out in nature doesn’t mean this is not your responsibility. You should bring potty clean-up bags with you and toss them in the trash at the end of the hike.

***Tips for Hiking With Your Dog***

tips for hiking with your dog

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