Fairos: The Help We Need To Navigate Big Medical

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Do you struggle with medical insurance issues? Tired of battling with insurance companies, tired of trying to juggle your schedule to fit appointment PLUS remembering when to take or administer the right prescription drugs? I know I can loudly give a resounding YES to each of those questions. Navigating big medical can be exhausting. But, what if I told you that Fairos, a medical concierge service, is working towards providing services to help ease the pain.


Fairos will offer a number of services and, quite honestly, we could use each one of these. Dealing with my Mom’s health over the past two years has been a waking nightmare. Arguing with insurance, battling doctors for the best care, getting her admitted to rehab programs, administering her meds, did I mention arguing with insurance companies? It all takes a toll and there is two of us advocating for mom. I can’t imagine going it alone. I know we’ve tried to yell “uncle” a couple times but there is no tapping out in this game of life.

What Is Fairos

Fairos is a brand-new startup looking to change what’s broken about medical insurance. Their team has been working with large companies to help their employees get the cheapest rates and the highest quality care for years. In that process they realized that no one paying more for insurance than individuals like us. They believe that is wrong, and plan to do something about it.

“Big medical” has created a maze of complexity for the patient experience, including high premiums and medical bills that are intentionally confusing. Fairos plans to fight against that and hopes to see millions of people receiving the medical care they need without the crippling and confusing effects of high medical costs.


How Will Fairos Help You

I’m thrilled that Fairos may be able to take some of the burdens off of us. One service, bill negotiation, will have their team negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to determine what savings are possible, and where there are opportunities to reduce your overall costs. As mom’s medical bills continue to pile up this would be amazing. There are so many bills I don’t even know where to start and they just don’t stop.

Care coordination is another service Fairos will provide. They can help establish the right schedule for your health, follow up appointments with your doctor, physical/occupational therapist post-hospitalization. Are you kidding me? Someone else can coordinate all her appointments and make sure we don’t miss a follow-up appointment. Yes, yes, yes!! I just learned of an appointment that my mom has in two days. Wait? What? Why I am just now learning of this. Somehow that appointment ball got dropped. It would be great to have an extra set of eyes on appointment requirements. (As a rule, this isn’t a big deal, but I have to drive an hour and a half to meet mom at her appointments. I can’t get a call 10 minutes beforehand).

Lastly, they want to offer TeleHealth. The perfect service for non-acute doctor visits that can be handled via phone or video call. The best thing about this is that I don’t have time to get sick so if I do I can simply phone it in taking hardly any time at all out of my day.

Share Your Story

Our journey with mom’s health and her insurance coverage has been a constant battle. I’m thrilled to learn of a company that may be able to help. I know I’m not alone in the medical insurance nightmare. I’d love to hear your story. Be sure to fill out this survey:

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