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5 Things To Make Your Summer Travel Easier

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Last summer was a bust for travel, but I’m so happy that this might be the epic year for Summer Travel. I’m pretty sure we’re all going to make up for lost time and double down on trips. No? Just me?

Either way, I have found some fabulous items that is going to make your summer travel so much easier. All these items have been sent to me by the company for review.

As always, I only share the items that I truly love. Items that I don’t like go back to the company and I keep quiet about them. That is why when you see reviews on Just Short of Crazy you know that they are backed 100% by yours truly. 

Nomatik Backpack

Things That Will Make Your Summer Travel Easier

Nomatic Backpack

Everything in its place is the goal behind Nomatic Backpack. It’s roomy enough to carry your office with you from laptop to planner to journals and all the cords.

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Some features you’re going to love about the Nomatic Backpack

  • RFID Safe Pocket
  • Magnetic Water Bottle Pocket
  • Hidden Pocket
  • Retractable Key Leash
  • Roller Bag Sleeve
  • Top Access Pocket
  • Cord Pass Through
  • Innovative Strap System

Things we love about the Nomatic Backpack

  • Comfortable straps means no straps digging into my shoulders–LOVE!
  • It fits ALL my things, even my day planner which I normally leave at home when I travel because it wouldn’t fit in my usual travel backpack.
  • All the pockets for all my things!

Battpack Octave Charger 1

Battpack Octave Charger

Here’s a gadget that is so much more than a power back. It’s a secret compartment, card holder, and travel safe.

An “Adult Proof” button allows you to open the secret stash compartment. Here you’ll find a place for your credit cards, cash, cigarettes, weed, or whatever else you want to keep quiet. 

A magnetic tray magnetizes your loose articles so they don’t shake around and make a lot of noise. 

Battpack Octave Charger

Features you’re going to love

  • Includes a 3-way USB/Type-C/USB mini cord
  • Highest Quality 10,000 mAh Battery
  • Custom pcba circuit board for universal charging
  • USB and USB type-C outputs
  • USB type-C Input
  • Fire retardant polycarbonate housing

What we love

  • Charge my cellphone anywhere. In the woods, on the go, road trips, hiking, camping, kayking and more. 
  • Tuck my important items in the stash compartment
  • Easy to take with me anywhere

Scosche PowerUP 600 Torch 3

Scosche PowerUP 600 Torch

This is the coolest gadget! Not only will it charge my phone and be used as a flashlight, but it can jump start a car!!

How freaking cool is that?!?!

“The PowerUp 600 Torch is the compact and lightweight portable answer to vehicle emergency situations. It’s advanced technology and ample power will jump start your car, truck, boat, motorcycle or ATV/UTV”

Scosche PowerUP 600 Torch charging phone

Things You’ll Love

  • 600 Amp Portable Jump Starter
  • 5V (2.4A) USB Power Bank
  • Ultra-Bright, Multi-Mode LED Flashlight
  • Jumps up to 8 Cyl / 5L or 2L diesel
  • Holds charge up to 6 months
  • Carrying Case Included

What We Love

  • Its so compact! I love that its easy to store in the back of the car and not take up any room at all.
  • The carry case keeps everything contained in a nice zippered pouch. 
  • Holding a charge for 6 months is life changing. 

Smelly Proof Bags

Smelly Proof

These bags are TOUGH and reusable and PERFECT. They are not kidding when they say they are smell proof. I cut up onions, stored in a bag and placed in the fridge. Absolutely no odor! None.  Same with hard boiled eggs. Same with tuna. I’m so in love.

We stored food in these for our camping trip in northern Michigan and were so happy. We camped in bear country and knowing these bags our bear proof eased our minds. 

Brought them home from camping, washed them up and we continue to use them. Definitely a must buy especially if you are a camper or a hiker.

The Smelly Proof bags come in a variety of sizes so you’ll have one for anything you need. 

Wolfgang Man & Beast 1
Great Escape and Overland designs shown here

Wolfgang Man & Beast

Don’t forget about Fido on your summer travels. She deserves to have new travel “clothes” as well and Wolfgang Man & Beast can help.

Ruby looks soooo cute in her new Overland design collar and leash. 

Wolfgang Man & Beast

From leashes and collars to bandanas and harness. Their designs are going to make your dog look fly. We love the quality and designs of these collars and leashes.

We’ll be using them a lot this summer. Be sure to watch for them to make appearances on Instagram. 🙂


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