What You Need to Know About Protein and Aging

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Ensure Max Protein and aging

I partnered with Abbott/Ensure to write this post, but the opinions are all mine!

I have personally found that protein has been key in helping me lose weight and has kept me from having the munchies all day long. Kinda funny that it’s taken me so many years to figure out that consuming protein is the key to a healthier me. I had the opportunity to ask actress Kate Walsh, who drinks Ensure Max Protein, and Abbott research expert, Suzette Pereira, about how protein makes a difference in everyday life. The information they had to share is important and reaffirms why I find that protein is an important addition to my diet. (I could bore you with awful stories of my Mom and how the lack of protein has impacted her health, but I’ll save you that agony.)

Because a well-balanced diet that includes the right amount of protein ensures I live a healthy, active life!!
Because a well-balanced diet that includes the right amount of protein ensures I live a healthy, active life!!

Check out our Q&A below!

How much protein is recommended for the average adult? Is it different for a woman in her 40s or 50s?

Suzette: People have likely heard that protein is good for them – but they may not know how much they should be getting in a day. For example, a person weighing 150 pounds would need roughly 54 grams of protein a day, according to the dietary recommendations. To put that in perspective, one egg has about 6g of protein.

Protein is a key part of your diet at any decade, but as people age, their bodies begin to slow down their ability to break down foods and absorb nutrients. In fact, Abbott and the Ohio State University did a new study and found that more than 1 in 3 adults over 50 aren’t getting enough protein in their daily diets.

This data is a major wakeup call for all of us and is why consuming a well-balanced diet with the right amount and right kinds of protein in your 40s and 50s can make a big impact on living a healthier, more active life!

My take away from Suzette’s answer is that not all proteins are created equal. You need to consume the right kinds of proteins, especially as you get older, so you can live an active and healthy life!

Ensure Max Protein and aging

How does protein help maintain a healthy lifestyle, especially if you have a hectic schedule?

Kate: I drink Ensure Max Protein every day! I love that it’s ready-to-go and easy to take to work with me. When I’m on set for 12-16 hours, I have to make sure I am eating throughout the day and getting enough protein. I love that I can throw it in my bag and be confident that I’m getting the fuel I need to get the most out of my day. But even when I’m home, off of work, I love drinking it because I find it’s difficult to reach my protein goals with just meals alone.

My take away: Keep Ensure Max Protein chilling in the fridge so that you always have one handy.

Ensure Max Protein and aging

Do you use Ensure Max Protein as a meal replacement or more as a snack while you’re on the go? Do you add anything to it or put into smoothies?

Kate: I drink Ensure Max Protein as a snack or supplement to my meals throughout the day. Again, it can be challenging for me to get the proper amount of daily protein through meals alone. I like to have the Milk Chocolate in the morning or mid-morning, and then the Café Mocha in the afternoon for a caffeine pick-me-up! I enjoy it on its own or will pour it over ice as well. Either way, it helps keep me steady, so I don’t have those crashes or lethargy in the afternoon. Plus, it tastes yummy, too!

What are the top 3 reasons someone should choose Ensure Max Protein versus other protein shakes?

Kate: Ensure Max Protein is from a scientifically proven brand that you can trust. I can feel good knowing that my body is getting what it needs in a day, and it’s made by the experts. I love that it’s low calorie, has 1.5 grams of fat and 1 gram of sugar, but that it also has amino acids and vitamins and minerals as well. I also love the fact that Café Mocha has 100 mg of caffeine, which is as much as one cup of coffee, so in the afternoons, particularly, when I don’t want to drink another cup of coffee, I can feel energized and get my protein needs met.

My take away: There is CAFFEINE in the Café Mocha!!!! From 6a.m. texts from the boss to a 1 a.m. call from my daughter, I never know what life is going to toss at me. Being “on” and ready to handle it all requires caffeine just about any way I can get it. Some days I have an Ensure Max Protein for breakfast because it’s quick and easy, and other days I drink one to avoid the 2p.m. slump. It’s been a great fit for my active life.

Ensure Max Protein and aging

What are the nutritional differences between original Ensure and Ensure Max Protein?

Suzette: Ensure has always been about nourishing adults to help them live healthier lives. Each Ensure nutrition shake meets a unique nutritional need for adults – whether they are recovering from a health setback or just trying to maintain their strength and energy. Ensure Max Protein was designed to help adults 45+ consume the appropriate amount of high-quality protein needed for staying active with age.

When a selfie includes the family pet.....good times ;)
Feeling more energized due to more protein in my diet means more travel time and road trips with Alan and BB.

Any changes in your overall health since you began using Ensure Max Protein? Do you have more energy?

Kate: After turning 50 last year, I can honestly say I’m stronger than ever and feel like I’m just getting started. And I can attest, the benefits of adding protein to your diet are incredible. Beyond feeling more energized, protein plays a big role, from helping with your metabolism & balance to weight management and maintaining or rebuilding muscle mass, bone density and mental clarity.

My take: YES, YES, YES!!! Everything Kate said. Energy, help with my metabolism, muscle power…love it!!

Ensure Max Protein and aging

Watch the video below to hear more from Kate and click here to try your own Ensure Max Protein!

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