Ways To Feel Like A Model For The Day

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Many of us dream to be a model but unfortunately, some of us don’t have the attributes that agencies are looking for (it’s hard to believe I know). Many of us would love the glitz and glam that comes with modelling. If only we could experience what it would be like to be a model, just for one for the day. Maybe we can! Try these tips to feel like a model for the day.

Model For The Day

Be confident

Of course, being confident is easier said than done, for some. Many of us have insecurity issues or don’t like a certain part of our bodies – the grass is always greener as they say. Many of us are more confident around our friends, so a great idea is to grab a friend and go out socialising. Meet people of the opposite sex and get chatting to them. Get your flirt on and try and pick up a couple of guys/girls numbers.

Eat healthily

Models stick to a healthy diet in order to make sure they maintain their physiques and keep up good energy levels. Eat as many organic, clean foods as you wish. For models, unfortunately, sugary snacks are out the window.


Learn to walk the walk

Put on a pair of your favourite stilettos and practice walking the walk. Notice the space between your feet as you walk – your feet should directly be one foot in front of the other with a two inch cap between your toes and heel. Your hips should sway perfectly as you walk. Keep your head up straight and exude confidence as you go.

Flaunt your style

Whatever your style, flaunt it! Go out and treat yourself to a new outfit along with accessories. Get your hair done, get a manicure, and even treat yourself to a spray tan. Work out what type of make-up brings out your best features and wash and style your hair in a way you love. Once you’ve gave yourself an all-over make-over you’ll be feeling fab and ready to go out and flaunt how good you look. Why don’t you arrange going to a local social event with your friends to show off your killer outfit?

Book a professional photography experience

Finally, what better way to feel like a model than by having your own personalised photo shoot? Book at the likes of Venture and the professional photographers will work to bring out your character in the photographs. You can take a range of outfits to change into if you want a few different looks to start off a portfolio. The photographer will help you get into different poses and if you have any specific requirements, just ask the photographer and he or she will try their best to meet them.


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