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Enjoy A Scoop At Sherman’s Ice Cream in South Haven, MI

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Guest Post by Lindsay Parker Williams | Let Me Give You Some Advice

After a day in the sun at the beach, nothing sounds better than a scoop of ice cream. If you’re in South Haven, there’s only one place you need to visit. Sherman’s Ice Cream, founded in 1916, is old-fashioned ice cream at its best. Rich and creamy flavors are what you’ll find when you stop by the Dairy Bar, just steps from where the ice cream is made.

Make sure you grab a number as the lines can get long, especially after dinner. Don’t worry, waiting will give you plenty of time to look over the dozens of flavors Sherman’s offers.

Their portions are fairly big so watch a few orders as they’re passed over the counter to get an idea of what size you’d like to order. I usually am just fine with a baby cone.

If you’re feeling extra fancy on vacation, splurge for a Sherman’s original, the Pig’s Dinner. Sliced banana, four single scoops of ice cream, and four toppings all served in a wooden trough!

There are also malts and sundaes to choose from and should you have any room left, there are pints of ice cream to take home.

sherman's ice cream

You’ll find seating inside and free water and coffee for anyone who needs a little something to wash their hot fudge down. There are a few picnic tables outside as well as plenty of grass to sit on across the parking lot.

Sherman’s Dairy Bar is just east of I-196 and about a 5-minute drive from downtown South Haven. If you’d rather grab your cone near the beach or closer to town, you can find Sherman’s ice cream for sale at the North Beach Concession Stand and at Captain Nemo’s restaurant in town.

So, go soak in those rays and splash in the waves of Lake Michigan and, when you’re sun-kissed and tuckered out, head to Sherman’s Dairy Bar for a scoop of delicious homemade ice cream. It’s the perfect way to savor every last bit of a summer evening in South Haven!

Thank you, Lindsay, for sharing Sherman’s Dairy Bar with us. Now I’m going to have to make a detour on my next trip to Chicago 😉

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