Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

Disconnect to Recharge at Capon Springs & Farms in West Virginia

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Sit back and relax might be a cliché but will always stand true for Capon Springs and Farms.

The 4700- acre, multi-awarded, family-owned and operated mountain resort provides guests of all ages a haven like no other.

Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

Upon arrival, it kinda reminds me of the resort from Dirty Dancing (no lake though for epic lifts–lol). This all-inclusive mountain resort in West Virginia is only open from May to November so you’ll want to book dates soon.

This is a place that you go to get away from the craziness of everyday life and enjoy life at a much slower and enjoyable pace.

Capon Springs West Virginia

Currently owned and operated by third-generation family members, Capon Springs welcomes visitors and loyal patrons warmly and give new meaning to how coming “home” should feel.

The Capon Experience

Tranquil, peaceful, rustic and unplugged are the overall ambiance in the retreat center.

Situated two hours away from D.C., people come and visit the place to disconnect from the city’s hustle and noise.

capon springs in west virginia

You’ll stay in originally-built 19th-century houses and cottages and unwind in one of the 115 rooms available in varying accommodation.

It’s all a very relaxed atmosphere and within a few hours you’ll find yourself enjoying being disconnected from the outside world.

Capon Springs is laid out like a small neighborhood and everything is within walking distance.

The unique “no internet (except for the meetinghouse), no cell signal, no TV” features all over the area allow guests, staff and nature to form a wonderful camaraderie.

Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

Many families return to Capon Springs year after year and after a visit, you’ll want to return as well.

Capon Springs Food & Water

Come with your appetite to an all-you-can-eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner (all-inclusive of resort accommodations). Home cooked style meals are made from fresh ingredients, harvested and collected from Capon’s very own farms.

Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

Foods keep arriving as pre-dinner and evening snacks are served. Eat without the worries of having to clean the dishes!

Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

I can’t talk about Capon Spring without talking about their epic water. I am an avid water drinker so I know a good glass of water when I taste one and Capon Springs water is top notch!

Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

You can purchase water before you leave (highly recommend). Plus, you’ll be able to drink as much as possible while visiting.

Capon Springs Activities

Be a part of and enjoy the resort’s numerous activities for free—from fishing to tennis and pickleball, to swimming in one of the best retreat pools in US.

Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

Want more? Other indoor and outdoor pastime such as badminton, Frisbee, basketball, ping-pong, croquet, indoor puzzle, hiking and book reading will keep adults and kids on their toes.

Bond with family or make new acquaintances in the annual Capon chase Adventure—a clue solving treasure hunt race introduced back in 2008.

Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

If you’re lucky, the resort might just be hosting a living room concert while you’re visiting and you’ll have the chance to hear a great band like the famous Bluegrass band, Bud’s Collective, in a comfy environment.

Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

Of course, there is a 18-Hole Golf Course. For an additional budget-friendly cost, visit Capon’s two nine-hole golf course. The well-groomed layout is a par 34, measuring 2,888 yards. The other course is a par 3.


The “Prep Course” has relatively short distance holes and smaller greens. Golf cars and clubs are available for rent. If you are not into golf, try Fling Golf.

Playing or at least trying Fling Golf is an absolute MUST!

Presented in 2016, it is a hybrid of lacrosse and golf, with a friendlier approach. Im not a fan of golf, but I loved Fling golf.

It was so much fun and let me fling the ball instead of having to hit it. My flinging arm is apparently much better than my ability to hit a small white ball with a stick.

Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

Capon Springs Spa

You all know I’m all about a great spa and the Hygeia Bath House and Spa at Capon Springs fed my need for some additional R&R. Recoup and rejuvenate as you soak in a 6 x 8 x 3 tub, filled with Capon water, each tub is housed in private individual rooms.

Personalize your baths with your choice of scent and minerals for a minimal charge. Family baths are also available several times a week.

Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

Treat yourself more with a skin-revitalizing facial therapy, hand, feet or body massages or reflexology, all performed by trained professional therapists.

Create your own package and get a discount. Come out refreshed and recharged!

Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

The moment you enter Capon’s premises, you will immediately feel the excellent care and services they provide.

People receive a lasting impression of their experience and keep coming back year after year to this place.

Capon Springs Resort in West Virginia

It is no wonder why they have been recognized multiple times for various awards and have received wonderful reviews from guests.

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