Bloomington Farmers Market

Why You Should Go To The Bloomington Farmers Market

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If your travels ever land you in Bloomington, Indiana on a Tuesday or Saturday you’ll want to make sure that you stop by the Bloomington Farmers Market.

Bloomington Farmers Market

This market is packed with vendors that offer everything from fresh fruits and veggies (bonus: all produce is grown locally) to ready to eat food, drinks and sweet treats.
Bloomington Farmers Market
I spent a bit of time wandering around the market ohhhhing and ahhhhhing over all the beautiful produce.

When/if I ever leave northern Michigan I want to live in an area that has a farmer’s market as great as the Bloomington Farmer’s Market.

It is such a wonderful community event and gives you the ability to really get to know the farmers that grow your food.

Bloomington Farmers Market

There are 5 great reasons you should visit the Bloomington Farmers Market, just in case you need an excuse or two, or five, to go.

5 Great Things About The Bloomington Farmers Market

Bloomington Farmers Market
Over 100 vendors

With so many vendors there is always a great selection of produce, ready-to-eat foods, drinks, homemade soaps, honey and so much more.

Bloomington Farmers Market
Shopping carts

This is the first farmers market that I’ve ever been to that offered shopping carts. What a brilliant idea!

Bloomington Farmers Market
There’s a Rainbow of Colors

I think this might be my favorite thing about farmer’s markets.

They are just so colorful and make a perfect backdrop for taking beautiful images.
Bloomington Farmers Market


Best black bean & goat cheese tamales on the planet can be found at the Bloomington Farmers Market.

Just follow your nose and the line of people.

Seriously, It. was. awesome. I will dream about that tamale for years.
bloomington farmers market

You never know what you’ll find

There might be a guy in a chicken hat, a sign advertising red green onions, a street performer, or any other number of things.

Farmers markets are a great community gathering and they seldom disappoint.

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bloomington farmers market


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  1. Yum. Farmer’s markets are wonderful. They do have a good one in Bloomington!

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