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4 Delicious Fig Recipes

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Fig season is here and that means it’s time to share all the delicious fig recipes that I can find. Some of my favorite fig recipes include:

fig bites

 Goat Cheese & Fig Bites

fig grilled cheese

Three Cheese & Orange Spread Grilled Cheese

Fig Pork Loin

Pancetta & Herb-Roasted Pork Loin with Fig Jam

The Herb-Roasted Pork Loin would actually be really good with this Fig Conserve recipe from Paulding and Co.

Fig Recipes

Mission Fig Conserve Recipe

▪ 2 lbs. Mission figs, stemmed and coarsely diced
▪ ¾ cup of honey
▪ ½ cup Port (She used a local Merlot Port)
▪ ¼ tsp. of salt or more to taste
▪ 1 small Meyer lemon, seeded and finely diced (skin and flesh), or the zest and juice of a regular lemon
▪ Dash of ground cinnamon-not more than 1/8 tsp, or it will overwhelm the flavors
▪ Dash of Sriracha sauce or your favorite hot sauce

Combine figs with remaining ingredients except hot sauce in a 2-quart pot. Bring to a simmer, and cook until thick, about 15-20 minutes, on medium heat. Stir frequently to be sure the mixture doesn’t stick. The finished product will be thickly syrupy. Test a bit by letting it cool on a spoon. It shouldn’t be runny.
Taste the mixture, and if it needs a bit more lemon juice or salt, add it in, then add the dash of Sriracha sauce at the end. She uses her homemade which is very hot for her home-grown peppers, but commercial should be fine too. This is a perfect condiment to give as a gift. If you don’t can the conserve, store it in the refrigerator. It should keep for about a month. There’s not as much sugar in it than in a jam, so it wont last forever.
Use as a condiment with cheese, duck or paté.

fig recipes

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