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3 Car Checks to Perform Before Taking a Road Trip

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car checks

While road trips can give you an exhilarating sense of freedom, they can also quickly turn into a disaster if your car breaks down. Scrambling to find a towing service and having to spend your vacation money on a major car repair and towing fees can ruin a road trip and create memories you would rather forget than cherish. If you want to avoid a road trip nightmare, there are three car checks you should perform before you leave.

Battery Check

If your car’s battery is more than a year old, you should have it tested. Dead batteries are one of the most common breakdown causes, and the average cost of a new battery can run you $240 or more. Paying this expense out of your vacation funds might force you to cut your trip short, but a battery checkup can help eliminate this problem. Have the terminals checked, cleaned, and tightened to ensure your car’s battery works properly.

Brake Pads

The condition of your car’s brakes is extremely important when it comes to taking a road trip. Squealing or grinding noises should be checked, as they usually indicate that your pads are worn. Worn pads can affect how quickly your car stops and can mean the difference between having an accident and avoiding one.


Worn tires are prone to blowouts, and when you are driving at highway speeds, a blowout could cause a serious accident. Have your tires checked for bald spots, worn tread, or bulges in the rubber. If you live in Pittsburgh and plan to take a road trip in the near future, seek out a Pittsburgh tire rotation shop to have your tires serviced. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to keep your mind on the road, not on the condition of your tires.

Prevention is Key

Having your vehicle checked before you take a road trip will help you feel more confident about the distance you plan to travel. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to get your car looked over so that any necessary repairs can be made before you hit the highway.

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