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15 Scarecrow Ideas for Fall Fun

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Updated August 2019

Scarecrows are fun, they are functional if you have a garden, and they can take on life as a decorative point for fall.

I have found some fantastic scarecrows to share with you to help you find inspiration for your own scarecrow or to simply entertain you.

Dig around the house, visit a farmers market and scour the thrift stores to find the items you need to create your own scarecrow.

Scarecrows are a fun way to decorate for the fall season and are sure to bring a smile to the faces of those that pass by or stop for trick-or-treating.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is a Superman Scarecrow.
You’ll need some serious paper mache skills for this one
These Teddy Bear Scarecrows are simply adorable and very unique!
I love this scarecrow that is made out of a rake!
This is probably my level of scarecrow creation skill.
If you have limited space, a smaller scarecrow will do the trick.
This one makes use of a softball for a head, and what a cute little thing it is!
Plus, I think this would be an easy one for kids to help create.
This scarecrow is too cute to be scary!
There is nothing cute about this guy.
He would certainly protect your garden from any critter
or creature that happened along!
Terror on a Stick? I think so!
This one is just plain creepy!
It’s perfect for the Halloween season!
This one is Pumpkin Head Perfect for Halloween!
These Bride and Groom Scarecrows are fun and pretty cute too!
Scare-bot offers a unique twist on the traditional scarecrow.
I love this one as well. So original!
Here is a Junior Scarecrow the kids can make with ease.
Scarecrows get to have all the fun at Halloween!
I love the Terra Cotta Pot Scarecrow idea! It is cute and could be used year round.
Portray your family in scarecrows if you dare!

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