Bird with fish in its mouth

11 Best Fishing Spots & Destinations in the World

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While fishing is a favorite hobby for many and a livelihood for millions, some fishing grounds are richer than others. Here are the 11 best fishing spots and destinations in the world.

We’ll explain what you can catch there and why they’re such a great fishing destination.

11 Best Fishing Spots & Destinations in the World

Cairns, Australia

This puts you in the middle of the Great Barrier Reef. It is a top spot for fishing for marlin. The best time to go fishing there is between September and December. And it is a great place to go scuba diving. Or just enjoy the sights in Australia be it koalas or kangaroos in their native habitat.

Fishing Australia (c)MarkRHiggins
best fishing spots in Australia (c)MarkRHiggins

Alaska, United States 

Alaska is one of the top fishing destinations, period. It is a go-to destination for those who want to go salmon fishing. You may be aware of the different colors of salmon. Well, here you can find pink salmon, king salmon and silver salmon. They’re found between May and October. The downside is that there isn’t much else to do aside from go hunting.

Bird with fish in its mouth
Bird with fish in its mouth in Key West, Florida (c)HoneyCornett

Key West, Florida, United States

Key West is located at the tip of Florida. This puts you in the middle of the balmy Caribbean Ocean. You can catch anything from Bluefin tuna to cobia to kingfish. And you could watch the dolphins. Or enjoy the beaches.

Scotland, UK

Scotland is unusual for having salmon swimming up at least some of its rivers nearly every part of the year. The peak season is late January to the start of November. For comparison, salmon in Norway are present from June through September. Go to the Orkney Islands, and you can catch both fresh water and salt water fish. A side benefit of hitting Scotland is that you can immerse yourself in its history.

Portugal Fishing Village
Best fishing spots in a Portugal fishing village (c)Tupungato

Azores, Portugal

This area has a history of world-record setting fish. You can catch almost any type of fish here, too. You could also fish for mako sharks. And you might spot a whale, if you’re there at the right time of year. Plus you could make the fishing trip a side expedition of your European vacation.

Prince Edward Island, Canada

Also known as PEI, this area is home to massive tuna and huge schools of fish that make their way to your local grocer’s freezer. Another point in its favor is the proximity of fishing to the shore. You can go fishing in the morning or afternoon instead of having to make a day of it.


Belize is a tropical paradise catering to eco-tourists. Did you know you can go fishing here, too? It is unusual for having large numbers of tarpon and bonefish. It gets points for having a large English speaking population. 

Fishing in Panama
best fishing spots in Panama (c)XaviFerrando


Panama is best known for its canal. However, it has great fishing, too. You could catch tuna, Mahi, or large sierra fish. One point in Panama’s favor is how easy it is to fly into.

Malindi, Kenya

Malindi, Kenya warranted inclusion on our list because it is one of the few places on the planet where you can capture five different species of billfish in the same day.

Fishing poles along the mississippi river
Fishing poles along the Mississippi River (c)RobertoMichel

The Louisiana Marshes

The marshes of the Mississippi river prevent trees from growing here. But the vast coastal marches it creates are a refuge for fish and migratory birds alike. You can catch seatrout and black drum here. Americans will appreciate the fact that you don’t need a passport to visit, and the fishing is year-round.


Bermuda will attract many for its amazing beaches. But it is world-renowned for its blue marlin fishing.

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