The Day After – Hangover Foods While On a Clubbing Holiday in Ibiza

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Widely regarded as one of the best places in Europe to party into the early hours, Ibiza attracts scores of revelling tourists on clubbing holidays to its Mediterranean shoreline every year. However, it’s also ideal for couples wanting a relaxing retreat and families interested in an action-packed getaway thanks to the numerous sights and sounds on offer.

While its location means this island enjoys great weather and lots of sunshine, Ibiza also boasts some fantastic cuisine which should be sampled by each and every visitor.

So, regardless of whether you’re looking for a romantic evening eating experience or some comfort food to soothe your weary head from a night of dancing the night before while on a clubbing holiday, here is a guide to the cuisine in Ibiza.

spanish paella

Spanish sustenance

As one of the Balearic Islands, you probably won’t be surprised to hear that Ibiza is awash with traditional Spanish cuisine. Dishes that simply must be sampled include:

Paella — Even though paella can be enjoyed all over Spain, this long-established and well liked dish is arguably even more special in Ibiza due to the plentiful fresh seafood on offer. An all fish and seafood paella is known as “paella de pescado y mariscos” and will of course be served with succulent saffron rice. Share this option when dining out with a loved one while looking across the beautiful and beguiling sea.

Tapas — Before enjoying a night out in Ibiza’s liveliest bars and clubs, you should definitely eat some tapas. Snack-sized portions of fish, meat and vegetables are great accompaniment for pre-party drinks and won’t make you feel too full or bloated. Tapas is also a good idea if you have kids, as you can introduce them to different flavours or finish up the dishes they don’t like.

local specialties

Local specialities

Guisat de peix — A rather strange dish where leaving leftovers isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Guisat de peix is grilled fish typically served with potatoes, but anything you don’t eat will be taken back to the chef to make a second course of stew.

Sofrit pages — With Ibiza’s pleasant climate, you might not always be in the mood for stew, but sofrit pages is far too delicious to miss out on. This dish is made from local sobresada and butifarra sausages as well as gently spiced pork, lamb and chicken. It also features whole sweet garlics, peppers and potatoes then sautéed with cinnamon, parsley and saffron.

Ensaïmadas — Apparently sweet things aren’t the best cure for a hangover, but you’ll struggle to resist ensaïmadas with a fuzzy head. These Balearic croissants are filled with cream, chocolate or sweet pumpkin and dusted with icing sugar.

No matter why you choose to visit Ibiza, there are countless cuisine options to capitalise on. Both traditional Spanish dishes and local specialities provide more than enough choice for couples, families and partygoers.

Image by and Magnus D, used under Creative Commons license.

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