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Halloween Cocktails

How To Make 5 Delicious Halloween Cocktails

Halloween is quickly approaching, but did you know that we can thank the Irish for a lot of our Halloween traditions including these five Halloween cocktails. I know I love this time of year and Halloween is just one of the many reasons I enjoy Fall. Did you know that Halloween was a  celebration held to mark the end of summer…

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banana bourbon

Bourbon Banana Trifle Recipe

Print Bourbon Banana Trifle Recipe Author: Dee Schwerin Recipe type: Dessert   Ingredients 2 small loafs of Bourbon Banana Bread ¾ cup of your favorite bourbon 16 oz container of Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt (I like to use Greek God Greek Yogurt) 2 cups of Whipped Cream (see recipe below on how to make into whipping cream) 2 Tablespoons of Salted Caramel…

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harken chardonnay

Harken: Old School Chardonnay is Back!

I enjoy a good glass of wine every now and then.  I especially enjoy sitting down on a Friday night after a long work week with my significant other to just unwind and not worry about thing.  My go to glass of wine is usually a red, mostly Zinfandel’s or Cabernet Sauvignon. I hardly ever reach for a Chardonnay’s, because it I…

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pea and sausage risotto-balls

Pea & Sausage Risotto Balls Recipe

Remember the oven baked risotto recipe I shared the other day? Well, we are going to take those leftovers and make risotto balls. These appetizers are crisp and delicious bites perfect for any upcoming holiday parties or as a side dish for your next family dinner. Form small balls of rice from the leftover risotto and then roll the balls…

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oven baked risotto

Pea and Sausage Oven Baked Risotto

One of my favorite recipes I make for the family on a fairly regular basis is risotto. I’m often told that people don’t make risotto because it’s too hard or they’ve heard that it’s really complicated. Well, I’m going to share a fool proof recipe that makes serving risotto so easy. This oven baked risotto allows you to do other…

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Sips & Bites in Frankenmuth, MI

Visiting a new town is a chance to discover new sips and bites. Sometimes it’s a struggle to find something great to eat and sometimes you are blessed with so many choices you don’t know how you’ll ever get through all of them, but you give it your best try. That is exactly what happened when I visited Frankenmuth, MI.…

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Bourbon Banana Bread

If your house is anything like mine you always have too many over ripe bananas and are never really sure what to do with them. What usually ends happening is I toss them in the freezer. But then I have the problem of having so many that my freezer cannot close and that is when I make my favorite bourbon…

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Blueberry Lemonade Rum Cocktail Recipe

Blueberry Lemonade Rum Cocktail Recipe

Here’s a fun cocktail to serve at an upcoming holiday party. I love this Blueberry Lemonade Rum Cocktail Recipe for parties that have a silver and navy theme or a winter wonderland theme. It throws a bit of color into the party and is just a fun cocktail. Of course, Blueberry Rum Lemonade, is always a delicious combination. This recipe is…

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Cran Raspberry Whiskey cocktail

Cran-Raspberry Whiskey Cocktail Is A Party Favorite

Whiskey is one of my favorite liquors to use around the holidays as it has that amazing nutty spicy flavor.  Also there are so many choices and variations of whisky in the market that you can never go wrong when choosing one.  That being said many of my friends and family don’t like to drink whisky on the rocks, so…

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Prep For The Holidays With The Help Of KitchenAid and Best Buy

Before you know it the holidays will be here and that means the never ending cooking and baking is about to begin. If you’ve even slightly considered replacing your kitchen appliances before the holidays then now is the time to do it. KitchenAid (we already love their stand mixer, right?) has a completely link of appliances that is going to…

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