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Do you need a great dessert for your next party? Give this flaming turtle chocolate fondue a try and wow your guests with your mad cooking ninja skills. It’s easy to make and only required a handful of ingredients. You might even have everything you need. I know was only missing the heavy cream.


    This is a quick and easy recipe. It is such a flexible recipe and can fill dietary requirements for vegetarians or lactose sensitive individuals. It’s perfect as a meal or as a side dish and can be made in less than 30 minutes.

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February is Lactose Intolerance Awareness Month and the National Dairy Council is celebrating with 28 Days of Eating Confidently, Living Fully. Lactose Intolerance is a food sensitivity that affects people whose bodies don’t create enough lactase, which is the enzyme in the body that breaks down the lactose found in many dairy products.

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I’m fortunate to be snowbirding in San Jacinto Valley in Southern California right now. There are two fantastic year round farmer’s markets here. During my visit to the market on Thursday I happened to find fresh strawberries. What a fun find for someone from northern Michigan who doesn’t see fresh berries until June. Of course, […]

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Photo Credit: Photos belong to their respective owners. All recipes are linked from the photographs, click on a photo to visit the creators blog and view the recipes. The Super Bowl is just a few weeks away. On February 2nd people will get together to watch the big game, to celebrate or commiserate over their […]

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