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nutella strawberry cookies

Somewhere along our road trip to California, Em discovered that Nutella and strawberries were just about the greatest snack on Earth. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but we had Nutella and we had strawberries and Em decided to put the two together. Now, this may be a common thing, but what can I say, we don’t get out much and this was a pretty tasty discovery.

Living in San Jacinto Valley, California for part of the winter we were quickly spoiled by the weekly farmer’s markets with fresh, locally grown strawberries. That was a delightful treat for us to indulge in during the winter. Like all good things, though, our fresh strawberry treats ended when we had to go back home.


There are so many great places to visit in Southern California. If you are lucky enough to snowbird in the San Jacinto Valley then you are in for the added treat of being able to visit some fantastic areas for a day out. Each of these trips can easily be completed in a day although […]

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This post brought to you by guest writer Elle Sorbet. This year I’ve decided to do something special for my mom for Mother’s Day. Typically we’d just go out to lunch and have a mother/daughter day, but I wanted something a little more from the heart this year. I decided a brunch would be perfect and what […]

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Em and I have just returned from a 2 month sojourn to Southern California. Three of those eights weeks were spent traveling to and from Michigan to California and back. We quickly mastered the perfect road trip foods. We generally only ate out once a day so breakfast and lunch or dinner were often eaten […]

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Last year I decided that I was going to find recipes for rhubarb that I might like. We have a rhubarb patch in our yard that has always been harvested and given away to friends. This past year, when it came time to harvest, I kept some rhubarb for myself which I am just now […]

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