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Road Trip food
Em and I have just returned from a 2 month sojourn to Southern California. Three of those eights weeks were spent traveling to and from Michigan to California and back. We quickly mastered the perfect road trip foods. We generally only ate out once a day so breakfast and lunch or dinner were often eaten out of the cooler.


Last year I decided that I was going to find recipes for rhubarb that I might like. We have a rhubarb patch in our yard that has always been harvested and given away to friends. This past year, when it came time to harvest, I kept some rhubarb for myself which I am just now […]

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Traveling along new Route 66 (ie: Hwy 40) there are a few must stops and one of them is Albuquerque, NM. This was one of my favorite stops along our cross-country road trip. Plan on spending at least two nights in Albuquerque to make sure you see as much as possible. There are great hotels, […]

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As much as I enjoy cooking it doesn’t mean I want to spend all day and night in the kitchen. I like finding¬†ways to create delicious recipes that only take a handful of ingredients. Of course, a bit of incentive always helps.¬†Simply Potatoes and Food.com have teamed up to host a 5-ingredient recipe contest that […]

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The San Jacinto Valley, located west of Palm Springs, CA, is a hidden gem full of art and cultural opportunities. I am impressed by how many world famous artisans are living in this quiet little area. During my snowbird stay I had the opportunity to attend concerts by Kelly Corbin, ZOFO and Bella Donna. I […]

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