Baloian Farms Squash Kit

Baloian Farms Squash Kits & $50 Flash Giveaway

This post brought to you in partnership with Baloian Farms! I’m so excited to share that Baloian Farms has been nominated  for a new product award through the Fresno Food Expo.  Baloian Farms Squash Saute Kits are new to the market and provide a great way to easily cook and serve squash. We’ve tried this product and… 

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cashew chocolate chip cookie recipe

Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

It’s time for another delicious cookie recipe and what better than a mix of cashews and chocolate chips. This one-bowl cookie recipe is easy to make and doesn’t create a lot of dirty dishes…yay. These Cashew Chocolate Chip Cookies are perfect for an afternoon snack or to take to your next get-together and is sure… 

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Kenosha WI

Fun in Kenosha, WI

Originally called Southport the town of Kenosha, WI used to be a shipping port for the automotive industry. Recessions, bankruptcies, and a general economic downturns seen the shut down of the shipping port and had other industries, stepping up to make Kenosha their home of operations. Now, this friendly town on the shores of Lake… 

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3 Tips On How to Renovate Instead of Replace in the Home

(c) rogue interior designs Tackling renovations with a small budget may not seem possible at first, but it truly is. The trick is to start with the project that will give the room the biggest impact first. Then, as the budget permits, you can move on to the bigger (maybe even better!) budget projects on… 

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Notre Dame Golden Dame

A Day Trip to South Bend, IN

Located in northwest Indiana, South Bend is known for Notre Dame, college football, a new foodie trail and so much more. It is well worth a day trip, but if you have the time I suggest staying longer. South Bend is a very family friendly destination and offers plenty to do for both children and… 

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The Other Woman Closet Swap Party #OtherWomanSwap

  The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton hits Digital HD today. The movie, a comedy about love, lust, and the laws of karma is sure to entertain you and your friends. During the party their is a girls’ night and playing dress up in a magnificent closet. Inspired by the… 

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Turkish Breakfast

Filling Your Boots – A culinary guide to Turkey

If you’re a foodie or just want to experience new places and their flavors, Turkey holidays in 2014 are an ideal way to accomplish the mission. Turkey is an intriguing mixture of Asian and European cultures, along with being one of the oldest continuously inhabited regions of the entire globe. In Turkey there is the… 

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Strawberry Shortcake

Classic Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

Sometimes the classics are the best. There will always be something new and different out there, but classics are always great! It’s finally strawberry season here in Northern Michigan which means one thing and one thing only: It’s time for STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE!!!! I heard of a new strawberry patch near my home so I had… 

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