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Pfister Faucet Review

Pfister Wilmington Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet Review

We’ve had to take a break from our Small House Living project for a couple months. My mom fell ill which required me to help provide 24/7 care plus I’ve been under deadline to finish a book (happy to say THAT shipped off to the editor today) and mixed in there was travel. Needless to say I think I’ve only…

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countertop makeover

How To Paint Countertops with Giani #SmallHouseLiving

Trying to stay on budget for our kitchen remodel has been challenging, but not impossible. My original estimated budget was $300, but after getting to work in the kitchen I knew I was going to have to up it some. Our new goal is to keep it under $500. In order to do that we had to find a very…

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kitchen remodel

The DIY Kitchen Remodel (aka Marriage Challenge) Has Begun

Here is the first installment into our Small House Living series. We decided to start with the kitchen. It needs a lot of updating, but we figured it would be a good winter project. Once we started tearing into the kitchen we started changing our minds about our initial plans. We have, however, at least began. The goal was to…

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small house living

Introducing Small House Living

Next year we are officially launching a new feature to the blog called Small House Living. I’m sharing now because I suck at keeping secrets and I want y’all to be as excited as we are about this upcoming project. You see, we live in a small house. Not a tiny house, but a small house. Coming in at just…

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