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Putting our contact at the top for easy reference – email us a line at or text us at 810-347-9019

It was so great meeting you at the Indiana Media Marketplace! Thank you so much for sharing your destination with us. We’re looking forward to potentially sharing your stories with our audience.

Here’s more about our publications:

Founded in 2009, Just Short of Crazy is dedicated to easing the mental drain of adulthood with practical advice, delicious recipes, and helpful travel guides. Our mission is to make life simpler and more enjoyable without adding to the craziness, providing readers with honest and insightful content that enhances everyday living and globetrotting alike.

In 2024, we expanded our horizons with the launch of and

Things To Do Outside is a website catering to slightly adventurous souls seeking outdoor activities regardless of the season. You’ll find all the low-key outdoor adventures here, what you wont find is us jumping out of airplanes, bouncing down mountains on skis, or diving with sharks. Well, we might try the sharks depending on how brave we’re feeling. delves into the eerie and unexplained corners of the United States, offering spooky stories and guides to the country’s most haunted and peculiar places.

All our sites our rooted in our core values of sharing genuine travel experiences, our websites aim to inspire and guide our readers, helping them to have the best travel and foodie experiences.

As a family-run enterprise, Deb & Emma bring personal touch and deep-rooted passion to every article, story, and guide we publish, ensuring our readers always find something new, exciting, and just short of crazy.

Our favorite stories to tell include

  • Small to Midsize Destinations
  • Road Trips
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Experiences for the Slightly Adventurous
  • The Weird and Obscure 
  • Haunted Places
  • Romantic Escapes
  • Girlfriend Getaways

Social Media Footprint – Currently sharing all posts on main social media platforms

Just Short of Crazy Facebook5,350

Deb Thompson Pinterest 850k+ monthly views

Deb Thompson Instagram – 12,600   

Just Short of Crazy E-Newsletter Subscribers – 3,000+

Sites are syndicated to MSN News – 66 million UMVs

Sites are published to News Break – 2.1 million UMVs

Just Short of Crazy – 50,000 UMVs – 1k UMVs – 1k UMVs


Exact pricing depends on the project and time commitment. Email for more details/information.

  • Press trips: $3,200+ plus travel expenses 
  • Day trips with IG shares only (includes geotags and destination tag): $1000
  • Blog posts: $600 (750+ words, SEO-optimized, six images)
  • IG, FB, and Pinterest shares:  $500+
  • UGC content: $250+
  • Content for destination: $350+
  • Customized packages including whitelisting and images are available.

Ready to work with us? Email us a line at or text us at 810-347-9019