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Library Hotel – A Must Stay For Book Lovers

Please welcome Kim Schneider to the blog. We recently stayed at the Library Hotel in NYC. She is sharing that experience with us today. “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library,” said author Jorge Luis Borges. And to check the theory, picture rooms with shelves neatly stacked floor to ceiling with books—thousands of books. There’d…

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An Adventure Guide To Dublin OH

An Adventure Guide For Dublin, OH

I’ve been to Dublin, Ireland, but have never taken the time to visit Dublin, Ohio which is, relatively speaking, a pretty close drive from my house. If it could even give me a taste of Ireland, which I miss, I was game to go and see what adventures I could find. Arriving on a Friday afternoon Alan and I spent…

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(c)Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum

Do You Know This Tale of Two Libraries?

Please welcome  Cindy Ladage to the blog as she shares A Tale of Two Libraries with us as we explore a year of literary travel. Libraries are magical places where books bring history, travel, science and beyond to life.  All it takes is opening a book and you can learn about almost anything your heart desires. Some libraries though go…

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things to do in medina oh

Why You Should Spend A Day In Medina Ohio

Above photo compliments of The plan was simple enough. Head to Ohio to spend two days researching my SecretCleveland book. In January. In questionable weather conditions. I didn’t say I always have the best plans, but sometimes a missed opportunity leads to something quite unexpected and enjoyable.  Day one in Cleveland was fantastic. Decent weather, albeit a bit cold,…

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