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Fun in the San Jacinto Valley with the Kia Optima

Landing at LAX I was excited to get on the road to return to one of my favorite places, San Jacinto Valley. Even though I’ve been there a number of times I always look forward to returning to this town that sits in the shadow of the San Jacinto Mountains. San Jacinto Valley might appear, on the surface, to not…

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What To Do in Hemet & San Jacinto, CA #VisitSJV

Southern California brings so many amazing travel destinations.  Some of our favorite places to visit include Hemet, California and San Jacinto, CA.  Below you will find some of the best things to do in this region, and learn more about why it is ideal for any vacation needs you have! What To Do in Hemet & San Jacinto, CA It…

Snowbird Life in San Jacinto CA

Snow birding in the San Jacinto, CA was a fabulous experience and one I hope to repeat again.  I wanted to list all of the posts I wrote about the San Jacinto Valley in one place so that it’s easy for others to find all the snowbird information they need for San Jacinto Valley. Snowbird Life in San Jacinto CA…

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Arts & Culture in San Jacinto CA

The San Jacinto Valley, located west of Palm Springs, CA, is a hidden gem full of art and cultural opportunities. In fact, San Jacinto, CA is one of the most impressive artist destinations in the region.  I am impressed by how many world famous artisans are living in this quiet little area.  I am excited to share with you some amazing arts and culture you can expect to find in the beautiful San Jacinto Valley.

Visit gorgeous San Jacinto, CA for tons of amazing arts and culture destinations!  Enjoy music, art, and an atmosphere of creativity in San Jacinto Valley. Arts & Culture in San Jacinto CA

During my snowbird stay in San Jacinto, CA,  I had the opportunity to attend concerts by Kelly Corbin, ZOFO, and Bella Donna. I also met world famous jazz musician Marshall Hawkins who taught American Idol finalist Casey Abrams. Additionally, I was able to take a tour of Max DeMoss’ bronze sculpture studio, located in the middle of a citrus farm during my visit.  These amazing experiences definitely sealed my perception that San Jacinto Valley is an amazing destination for artists.

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Thank you San Jacinto Valley for a memorable snowbird adventure

snowbird san jacinto valley

When I headed to Toronto last June to attend a travel conference I had no idea that it would result in a 6 week adventure in San Jacinto Valley, California. You can call it fate, serendipity or divine intervention that had the travel rep, Leslie Saint McLellan, for San Jacinto Valley sitting down next to me during a break out session.

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Snowbird Services in the San Jacinto Valley

Snowbird life in the San Jacinto Valley has been pretty darn good. I think I made one of the best decisions ever when I left the frozen tundra of northern Michigan to drive across the country to snowbird in Southern California. Being a snowbird has been on my bucket list for years. I mean, really, what’s not to love? A…

Great eats in San Jacinto Valley

Good Eats in San Jacinto Valley

Good restaurants are a must for a snowbird destination which means that the San Jacinto Valley has an excellent selection of options. Asian fusion, burgers, mexican and more are all found in the area and beyond. Regardless of what sounds tempting to your tastebuds you will find good eats in San Jacinto Valley. Lemongrass Asian Cuisine: Voted best Thai food…

Adventure in San Jacinto Valley

Surrounded by the San Jacinto mountains the San Jacinto Valley is a small, agricultural community located between LA and Palm Springs. It is a wonderful oasis for snowbirds and visitors. Soft adventurers to adrenaline junkies will all find something they want to try. PARAGLIDING Get a bird’s eye view of the valley with Soboba Soaring. This a non-profit club offers paragliders…

Western Science Center Hemet, CA

(c) Finding hidden gems along my travels is probably one of the very best parts of my blogging career. I never know what I might stumble across and that is what keeps travel so very interesting. While snowbirding in the San Jacinto Valley I heard about the Western Science Center and what a treasure it is to the area. (c)…

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10 Reasons To Snowbird In San Jacinto, CA

Are you wanting to escape the cold winter temperatures of the north, but not sure where to go? Look no further than San Jacinto, CA. Located halfway between Palm Springs and Los Angeles, this agricultural community is a budget friendly option to the state’s more expensive snowbird locations. There is already a strong snowbird presence in the valley during the…