TFall OptiGrill Review

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product reviewOptiGrill
The T-fal OptiGrill is a counter top grill that makes grilling your favorite foods as easy as a push of a button. I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to make things easier and quicker in the kitchen. The T-Fal OptiGrill promises to do just that, but would it live up to my expectations?


The OptiGrill promises perfect grilling results from rare to well-done and promises to achieve the perfect grilling results every time. From their site:

  • Cooks evenly on both sides
  • Cooks from frozen
  • Automatically senses thickness and regulates temperature
  • Dishwasher-safe, removable grill plates are easy to clean
  • Fat drips into extra-large tray for healthier eating
  • Simple to use with guaranteed results every time

Well, that is a pretty impressive list of traits, but would the OptiGrill deliver as promised. I put the T-fal OptiGrill through some paces to see exactly what it could do.

OptiGrill-22 As a side note, the grill comes with a pretty handy cookbook and quick-start guide.
OptiGrill-28 The OptiGrill works on a color system to let you know when the food is done. Simply plug the grill in and select what you are cooking based on the photos and if the food is frozen or not.


The snowflake is for frozen food and then there are selections for burgers, chicken, sandwiches, sausages/brats/dogs, steak/red meat, fish, and M(anual). Manual allows for cooking veggies, fruits and other items and require you to determine when they are done.

Push start and the grill will pre-heat to the required temp based on your selection. The color button will glow a purplish color while warming. It will then give off three short beeps when it’s time to add the food.

Place food on the grill, shut the top, and wait for the light to change to the color you want. The grill is able to gauge the thickness of the meat and adjusts the cooking time appropriately.


Green for rare.


Orange for medium.


Red for well done.

To test out the grill I cooked steak, grilled cheese, frozen chicken, burgers and bacon. Everything turned out perfect. No kidding. I usually struggle with knowing when my steak and burgers are done, but with the OptiGrill I just waited for the colors to change. The angle of the grill  also allows all the excess grease to drip into the catch pan and away from the food.

I thought there was no way the OptiGrill would cook a piece of frozen chicken without turning it to jerky on the outside and leaving it raw on the inside. Surprise, surprise. A frozen solid piece of chicken cooked perfectly in less than 15 minutes. This completely changes everything. I no longer have to wait to defrost chicken or steak to start dinner and that is a huge time saver.


Cleaning up the grill is easy peasy. Just push the button on the side of the grill (one for the top and one for the bottom) and remove the grilling plates AFTER it’s cooled down, of course. The plates easily pop in and out of the grill for cleaning.


I’m thrilled to say that the OptiGrill not only met my expectations, but exceeded them. Color me impressed. The grill is now a permanent resident in our kitchen. Some gadgets I try and then give away. This one is definitely a keeper.

Learn more about the OptiGrill at www.getoptigrill.com.

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