Unique Gingerbread Houses

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Gorgeous and unique gingerbread houses.

Do you create gingerbread houses? I would love to have this kind of talent, but I think it passed over me. My grandmother was an awesome gingerbread house creator. My houses always collapse. I think she forgot to share the secret of getting them to stay upright.

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  1. These are so incredible! I can only imagine how long some of these took to make.

  2. these gingerbread homes are gorgeous! and they make me hungry! thanks for sharing, happy holidays.

  3. OMG the 5th one down is AMAZING!!!!

  4. These are all so unique and amazing – they don’t even look like gingerbread houses!

  5. wow they are all so wonderful!

  6. I wish my brother and I could make one of these. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I like all of’em…

  8. These are so awesome looking!!!! I wish I could make something like this. The regular gingerbread houses I make out of a kit… look really terrible compared to this LOL

  9. Qamar Hayat Soomro says:

    It is an amazing hobby indeed !!!