Slow Insanity

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Yes, I’m blogging to avoid EVERYTHING else that I need to get done tonight. This post may bore you to tears—feel free to skip it, but I need to blog it.

On the schedule for tonight:
~Host recipe card swap at local scrapbook store
~Order photos for 5 clients
~Pack for weekend trip to RI–flight is tomorrow, I’ll be back Monday early a.m.
~Wash clothes so I can pack (duh! why didn’t I do that LAST night)
~Cook dinner
~Clean photography gear
~Double check what I packed and make sure I absolutely did not forget to pack anything
~Change purse contents over to travel purse
~Print airline ticket
~Get some travel cash

You see, besides having a family and working a full time job, I also own a small photography business. I had ordering sessions yesterday with parents and those images MUST be ordered before I go to bed tonight. Then I’m flying out tomorrow to RI to shoot a weekend event, so the equipment needs to be cleaned and packed. PLUS I have to work my regular day job tomorrow in the morning so it’s not like any of this can wait until tomorrow. WHY WHY WHY do I put everything off until the last minute and I always seem to double book myself. Please, please, please tell me someone, somewhere, does this very same thing! Some days I hate the procrastinator in me :(

hhhmmm….seems like I’m forgetting something else I’m suppose to do, but for the life of me can’t remember.

Ok…gotta scoot..lots to do. I’ll be blogging from the road (hopefully…..)

If you read this far….Thanks for listening…I feel much better.



  1. You sound really busy!

    A recipe card swap sounds interesting!

  2. (The) Ladybug Lounge formerly Msslaydbug says:

    Yep, just reading that is making my head spin !! Good luck getting it all done !

  3. Wow, you have a lot on your plate! I tend to procrastinate sometimes, too, so I know what the impossible to-do list is like. Hope your stress level drops soon!

  4. Lisa Marie Miles says:

    Glad you feel better:) I like to think I'm super-organized, but really it takes me forever to get out of the house because I keep forgetting stuff. I can't tell you how many times we've driven down the street and had to come back because I forgot something. Have a fun weekend!

  5. Thanks Ladies :) It's only 9p and I think I have about 90% of the list done–yea! My husband has been helping out A LOT, thank goodness. Yes, he's a good good man & after 18 years of marriage he's used to my procrastinating ways. I'm breathing a little easier–thought I might be up til midnight or after….

  6. Holly Rutchik says:

    ahh, this is a tune I know! I don't know why I put things off either – maybe because i just don't wannnnna! The doing of things is fun – but getting ready is not!
    Have a great weekend, so cool to learn about your side business!

  7. Good Heavens! That's a full plate! Sounds adventurous too! But RI? Too bad it wasn't somewhere warm! lol