2,515 miles later we arrive in San Jacinto Valley, CA

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San Jacinto Valley
Eight days, six city stops, and 2,515 miles later Emma and I finally arrived in San Jacinto Valley, California where we plan to snowbird for a month. It’s hard to imagine how vast and magnificent the United States is until you drive across it. Endless crop fields (big thanks to the farmers out there), turning into hilly terrain, to flat lands then to mountains.

Route 40

There were times that we could see forever. There were many moments where we were just in awe at the beauty of the land we were passing. The raw rugged beauty of New Mexico will stay with me for a very long time.

flagstaff arizona

Spending time in Flagstaff, Arizona where there is snow on the ground but its in the 40’s and 50’s. I realize I might actually like winter if there were days of warmth mixed in with the days of bitter cold granting the residents a break from the cold. Driving out of Flagstaff into Phoenix is, quite possibly, one of the most beautiful drives I’ve taken.

California border

A couple hours after leaving Flagstaff we pass into California were  we are immediately greeted by a California Agriculture Station. We weren’t quite sure what to do and, since it was unmanned, we just drove through without stopping.

US 10 California

US-10 in eastern California is miles and miles and miles of barren landscape until we arrived in the Palm Springs area. Then it was all lush green plants, beautiful flowers, resorts and lots of traffic. San Jacinto Valley is just a short drive away and we were very excited to get there so we didn’t make a stop, but plan on returning to the area during our stay in California.

san jacinto valley
Finally, finally, after 2500 miles we exit the highway to make the short drive into San Jacinto Valley. The sun is shinning, the skies are a brilliant blue and I  know that it is going to be a great month to snowbird in San Jacinto Valley, California.



  1. I told you it was an absolutely gorgeous drive. I honestly though the drive through the Southwest last summer was going to be boring and dull. Instead, we found ourselves pulling to the side of the road over and over to just look at the beauty before us. I am so glad you made it there safe, and can’t wait to hear more about your stay there.

  2. I loved the drive. I’m convinced everyone should drive through the southwest at least once. :)