Achieving A Dream

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to the Vogel Family for achieving your dream!!! 
On June 8, 2008 the Vogel family left on a journey that would take them the entire length of the Pan-American highway on bikes. Yep, you read that right. They biked the Pan American from beginning to end. After 2 years and 9 months they pedaled their last miles into Ushuaia yesterday. I have been following their story for a while now and to say that I am so happy for them is an understatement. 
I can’t imagine the immense accomplishment they must be feeling right now. To set out to chase a dream is one thing, but to actually achieve that dream must feel freaking phenomenal!
I am so proud of them for sticking it out, for making it through the hard times, and for never giving up. I’m sure there were many moments when quitting would have been an easy thing to do. However, they have proven to me that the path to your dreams isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it.
What dreams are you waiting to chase? What do you want to achieve? More importantly, what are you waiting for???? 




  1. Well Deb…what's your dream? What are you waiting for??? :)

  2. Momma Fargo says:


    I have always been a dreamer. Problem is…I was so slow my dreams were not grasped. Now…my dreams are simple like…financial stability, peace, happiness, and the best life for my kiddo. I'm such a simpleton.

    LOL I feel as though I wasted a lifetime. Guess it's not too late to chase your dreams, right?

  3. Well, I'm waiting for SPRING to get here—thought I might try and have a GOOD garden this year. Yup. I dream big, don't I? LOL!
    Welcome back home. You're just in time for crappy weather!
    I have a feeling your dreams include lots of travel. Hmmmm?????