5 Alternative Therapies You May Not Have Heard Of

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I’m always interested in learning about alternative therapies that stretches outside typical western medicine practiced by most doctors. While they often have a large following, complementary therapies can be difficult to discover so I thought I’d take the time to introduce you to five fascinating alternatives for you to consider.


Alternative Therapies

“Zodiac Tarot” (CC BY 2.0) by zeevveez

Whilst tarot readings may be unique and exclusive to each individual, cards usually have the same universal meanings. Many cards, and even entire decks, have healing connotations that are thought to lead you to a healthier lifestyle or situation if you’re willing to believe in their significance.

Cards such as Death, Star, Hermit and Judgment are all used to aid an individual on their path to health, whilst numerous other cards also hold connections to more specific health issues. For instance, The Four of Wands signifies growth and additions to your life, and so is often seen as a favorable card when it comes to fertility and pregnancy.

A simple tarot card reading will not cure life-threatening illnesses, but it may lead you down a healthier path based on wiser decisions.


Astrology has been used as an alternative therapy for centuries, having originated in ancient Asia. During the Middle Ages, the practice began to enter into European medicine and transformed the way patients were treated for many years. Basically, astrologers attached planets to parts of the body to explain why people had become ill:

Mercury: Brain, nerves and respiratory system

Venus: Kidneys, digestive and reproduction systems

Mars: Arteries, teeth, nails, hair, muscles and reproduction

Saturn: Veins, bones and skin

Jupiter: Liver

Neptune: Endocrine system

Pluto: Testes

Sun: Heart

Moon: Ovaries

Astrology is a complex form of alternative therapy that requires time and patience as treatments are also based on planetary movements. Though it isn’t a common practice these days, it is a fascinating medical option.


Alternative Therapies

“Colores” (CC BY 2.0) by ckmck

Also known as color therapy, chromotherapy is based on the idea that different colors can have different effects on us. Evidence that this therapy works is supported by scientific studies on organic reactions in flora and fauna created by colors as well as the idea that wearing different colors can change our mood.

In chromotherapy, colors are used according to their electrical and heating properties. For example, red is thought to heat the blood and improve its flow whilst blue is used to calm and lower body temperature. Medicines which naturally have these colors are then used to cure and prevent ailments – for instance red cedar can be used to stimulate oxygen in the blood.

Gem Therapy

This alternative medicine is similar to chromotherapy in that it involves color, however it is believed that our auras omit color in gem therapy. According to gem therapists, our auras are made up of nine colors: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, infra-red and ultra violet.

When our auras become unbalanced, colors can become blocked so gemstones with specific vibrations are placed within our energy fields to restore harmony and heal us.

Apparently, our auras energies are also drawn into gemstones when they are placed on us, allowing the crystals to discover what is wrong and adjust their powers accordingly.

Pyramid Healing

Alternative Therapies

“Pyramid” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Mario_Guo

Finally, there’s pyramid healing. It’s thought that pyramid shapes resonate to the Earth’s magnetic field and thus create life force energy within its center. Interestingly, the word ‘pyramid’ means ‘fire in the middle’, which seems to accurately describe the shape’s perceived powers.

During pyramid healing, patients are asked to wear a ‘pyramid hat’ to promote ionization created by the life force energy. This is thought to reduce stress, improve sleep, increase creativity, sharpen focus and heal the body and mind. Alternatively, you may be asked to sit in the center of a larger pyramid to promote full body healing.

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