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Taking better care of my health is a key goal for me this year. I want to get in better shape and feel healthy so that I can continue to travel long term. My family has a history of diabetes and high blood pressure so taking extra care of my health. 

I’m taking small steps to improve my health. Soda, fried foods, fast food, and sweet treats are off the menu. Instead I’ve started adding lots of fresh fruits and veggies to my diet as well as low and reduced sodium foods. Its the simple changes that will have the best long term impact on my health.

Sharing my story on Campbell’s Address Your Heart campaign gives me a chance to win a $50,000 kitchen makeover!! Can you imagine how much fun it would be to have $50,000 to redo a kitchen? All I’m saying is that there would be some walls knocked down and a bit of an expansion going on.

Entering the contest is easy. Just upload a photo and corresponding story or tip that shows how you care for your heart in the kitchen. Here’s my submission to show you how easy it is.



I’m caring for my heart by eating healthier and making smarter food choices.  I am trying to include fresh fruits and vegetables at each meal. I’m also replacing bread, pasta, rice and white potatoes with vegetables like cauliflower, zucchini and spaghetti squash. Additionally, I’ve changed out heavy cream based, high sodium soups for soups that are more heart healthy and low in sodium. Soda and high sugar drinks have been banned from the house and replaced with healthier drink options like V-Fusion and lots of water.  Each small change is helping me feel heart healthy and, most importantly, the changes have been well received by the family.

Your entry doesn’t have to be elaborate just a couple sentence about how you are making heart healthy choices in the kitchen.

Follow the steps below and share how you care for your heart to participate in Campbell’s contest and you could win a $50,000 kitchen makeover.  Contest Rules  & Prize Page.

Step 1: Submit a photo below that shows how you care for your heart

Step 2: Fill out the information required including your name, email address and zip code.

Step 3: Write a short contest entry (up to 200 words) that corresponds with the photo and share how you care for your heart. Please be honest and sincere with all your thoughts and remember to tell us in 200 words or less.

Step 4: Confirm you’ve read the Official Rules.

Step 5: Log in through your Facebook account.

Step 6: Submit your contest entry.

You can share your contest entry on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and visit AddressYourHeart.com for recipes, tips, and downloadable coupons for heart-healthy products from Campbell.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of the Campbell Soup Company’s Address Your Heart initiative.  The opinions, text, and images are all mine.