Best Super Bowl Commercials

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As far as I’m concerned the best part about watching the Super Bowl is the commercials. I’m usually up and refreshing food and drinks during the game, but once the commercials start I’m taking note of the winners and losers. Over the past couple years I’ve complied a list of my favorites and I’m sharing here for your enjoyment. Be sure to let me know what Super Bowl commercial is your fave!

This one might always remain at the top of my list. I’m excited to see if this gets knocked out of first place this year:

We love Betty White:

David Beckham, ‘nough said:

Em & Dylan love the Doritos ads, have to share two because I can’t decide which is my favorite:

What would Super Bowl commercials be without the funny e-Trade baby:

Bridgestone nails it with this one:

The most well know and perhaps well loved Super Bowl commercials are from Budweiser. We love the ones with the Clydesdales:

What is your favorite Super Bowl ad?


  1. says

    I havent seen any- we dont have cable!! I just sat and watched them all- etrade baby every year. I am still a baby crazed woman but give me a few years and Ill switch it for Budweiser when these kids hit the teens!!