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Strawberry season is almost here in northern Michigan. Another couple weeks and I’ll be able to go to the Amish farm and pick as many strawberries as I want. Last year it was only $1.50/pound for berries and I spent about $20. Hope the prices are about the same this year. I love going to this farm to pick berries. It’s so quaint. I love seeing all the yummy goodness growing in their greenhouses. Last year I seen the biggest tomatoes EVER!

This recipe is so easy to make and is perfect for summer! You aren’t going to believe how simple this is to make.


~2 healthy slices of Pound Cake (I used Sara Lee)
~4oz marscapone cheese
~2 tsp vanilla
~2 tsp sugar
~1 cup cool whip
~8-10 large Strawberries, hulled and sliced.

1. Cube pound cake into bite size pieces.

2. Blend marscapone cheese, vanilla, and sugar together. Fold in cool whip. You can add more than a cup of cool whip if you like. I make this part according to what looks/taste “right”.

3. Using individual serving dishes, layer pound cake, marscapone mixture, and strawberries. Repeat. Top with berries.

Serves 2-3.

May be stored in fridge until ready to eat.



We’ve slowly been going through the house and making updates, painting and putting in new flooring. If luck is on my side I’ll be replacing my kitchen appliances (which are near death) very soon. When I was contacted by Danze and asked if I wanted to review a bathroom faucet I jumped at the chance. […]

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This post brought to you by PA Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine. Planning roadtrips can be a labor intensive endeavor. Endless research on where to go, what to see, places to eat, safe accomodations. As the trip planner it can exhausting trying to keep everything organized while also trying to enjoy your vacation. Trust me, […]

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Wordless Wednesday
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We’ve had a dishwasher in our house the entire time we’ve lived here. However, we haven’t used it the last year or so because it didn’t seem like it was getting our dishes very clean. The dishes had waterspots on them and often felt like there was a residue on them. Ick!! To say we […]

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