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We spent some time at Beaver Tail State Park on Jamestown Island. It is so pretty. We stuck around for the sunset show. Kids dug for sea glass and sea shells while we waited. They found a bit of each. The shore is really rocky so you usually have to look during low tide.

So pretty—it was the PERFECT night for sunset photos. The sky was amazing!
Alan @ sunset
We were sitting out on the point of the island. This was to my immediate left (((sigh))) I love, love, love the ocean.

Emma holding the sun

Lighthouse at Beaver Tail State Park

There are more photos on my Facebook page. I think you can click this link to view them (http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php?aid=2073505&id=1316976105) or search for me..I’m debthompson1



One week down, one week to go in Rhode Island. It’s always crazy busy when I’m out here. The family came with me this year, along with my parents. We stay with my sister in her small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom home (yes, you read that right…7 people and 1 bathroom)…things are cozy. I haven’t […]

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I really enjoy my photography business and every once in a while I end up with some fantastic clients that are willing to try something daring and different. During a recent Boudoir session Ms. S. wanted to take some photos in her new VW Bug. This was another of my favorites from her session. I’m […]

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This weekend I’m photographing 2 weddings–one last night and one tonight. Then I’m driving to Rhode Island to start photographing a two week job that starts on Monday. Hoping to leave for Rhode Island after the wedding tonight so that means I’ll be on the road around 11p.m. I’m cutting across Canada so hopefully the […]

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The Tropical Traditions Skin Exfoliator winner is comment #5 CONGRATULATIONS JUANITA (luvm******@hotmail.com) I am sending you an email, please reply within 24 hours.

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