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Wow! We’ve had some amazing weather this month. I can’t recall the last time we had a November that was so mild. We decided to take advantage of the nice weather and drive over to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes and climb the dune. If you climb far enough you can see Lake Michigan. I’m not sure how far that is because I didn’t make it, but I think I went about 1/2 way. It’s a heck of a workout, but the sun was shinning and the weather was gorgeous. Couldn’t have asked for a better day.

This is the start of the climb. See the people at the top left of the photo?? Kinda gives some perspective of how far you gotta climb. This is only the first part. Ok….I’m not ashamed to admit that I had to stop a few times on the way up to catch my breath–what a reminder that I need to start working out more (ugh!)

Ok…this is the top of that first dune…then you have to walk way across it and up the next dune (if you look closely you can see people climbing the next dune—they are very small in the image)

Just a pretty photo to remind me how beautiful the day was:

My sister and I goofing on the dunes. Dylan was kind enough to take this photo for us.

Dylan at the top of one of the many dunes.

From halfway to the top of the first dune looking back.
We made it to the second dune, but didn’t bother to climb it after some other hikers told us there was still quite a ways to go. It was still a great day and I’m so glad we took advantage of the incredible weather.


Birthdays, as a rule, don’t really bother me. This year, however, this year was the big 4-0. For some reason, this birthday grabbed me by the throat and held me to the wall…..i just couldn’t grasp the thought of actually being 40 years old. I wish I could find the words on how being 40 […]

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Oh…if you like sewing/quilting you are going to want to enter this giveaway

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Studio Open House
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I just posted photos from the open house on my photo blog. If you have a minute stop over there and check it out. http://debthompsonphotography.com/blog/?p=1563

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BIG NEWS!!!! I’m officially opening a photography studio in Cadillac. I’ll be having an Open House this Thursday from 4p.m.-7p.m. The location is 124 1/2 Mitchell St (cross street is Beech St). Park in the back of the building and look for the balloons. I’m so excited about this. I have been working out of […]

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