Livestock Question–Please help

As I was sipping my cup of coffee this morning and looking out the backyard, which is in serious need of baling mowing, I told Alan we should consider fencing off the back half of the yard and get either 2 goats or 2 sheep. My thought was we would never have to cut that… 

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Yesterday was spent doing LOTS of yard and garden work. One of my projects was to get this flower garden weeded and mulched. I don’t even want to talk about the flower garden you can see in the photo on the far side of the stairs….eek…needs serious work. Yes, there really is some perennials in… 

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Green: Household Hazardous Waste

Once a year our county hosts a Household Hazardous Waste day. It gives us the opportunity to get rid of all those pesky cans of hazardous waste. Alan cleaned out the garage, under the kitchen sink, and checked the basement and found quite a bit that we could recycle. Alan had to work today so… 

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Little Pockets of Sunshine & a Giveaway

You know how sometimes life never feels like its going the way it should?? You look around and you think “what the hell??” I’ve had a few of those head shaking moments lately, but in the midst of it all have been little pockets of sunshine. These are moments that just make me happy and… 

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Clothesline Challenge Update

Last week the weather was fantastic. We got the clothesline up, found the clothes pins and I went to town hanging clothes out. The kids aren’t thrilled with the idea–they miss soft fluffy towels. I’m going to try adding fabric softener to my rinse cycle and see if that helps (any suggestions??). This week is… 

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My father in law is quite the accomplished woodworker. He made 2 cabinets from wood that was “just laying around the garage” (his words) for the cottage shed. How nice are these? Very nice!!O.k…this just looks like a big box that hangs on the wall, but look at the inside! You open the door and… 

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Memorial Weekend

Spent part of this last weekend at the family cottage: Took a walk with Emma to look for wild flowers. We found all sorts of fun things. I love the smell of lilacs. The peonies will be in bloom soon:I thought this had an interesting texture and shape:Something about old barns that I just love…not… 

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CSA: Flowers

I received my 2nd CSA share on Friday. I asked for a bouquet of flowers. I wasn’t really sure what I would get, but oh my…they are so pretty. The bouquet has lilac, apple blossoms, beautiful Poet’s Daffodil. Lovely, just lovely. We also had fresh from the garden salad last night, which was super yummy.

Going Green: Clothesline Challenge

YEA!!!! Alan installed the clothesline for me this week. It was very inexpensive. We already had the posts and line. All we had to purchase were the cross boards and some bolts (about 10 bucks). It’s kinda hard to see here…..yes, I know, I know…we need to get the grass cut….not enough hours in the… 

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Oh my….

stumbled across an amazing composition combining Love Story by Taylor Swift and Viva la Vida by Coldplay. Check it out here. Let me know what you think….