10 reasons to snowbird in San Jacinto Valley

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San Jacinto Valley Snowbird

Are you wanting to escape the cold winter temperatures of the north, but not sure where to go? Look no further than Southern California’s San Jacinto Valley. Located halfway between Palm Springs and Los Angeles, this agricultural community is a budget friendly option to the state’s more expensive snowbird locations. There is already a strong snowbird presence in the valley during the winter months and the community looks forward to welcoming more to their destination. I was fortunate enough to stay for an extended visit and made many friends and always look forward to going back. Here are a few more reasons to snowbird in San Jacinto Valley.

10 reasons to snowbird in San Jacinto Valley


1. Warm weather. Yes, I’ve been watching the weather diligently. Temps have been in the 70’s during the day and then dip into the high 30’s at night. Perfect. As long as the days temps are warm I am a happy camper.

(c) http://www.hemetfarmersmarket.com/

(c) http://www.hemetfarmersmarket.com/

2. Farmers market. Every Thursday, open year round. Local Certified Produce, Flowers, Food Court, Crafts, Gift Items, Live Music, & so much more! I love buying produce from farmers market in the middle of winter.

Hiking San Jacinto Valley

(c) http://visitsanjacintovalley.com/recreation/hiking-in-the-san-jacinto-valley/

3. Hiking. There are miles and miles of hiking trails in the San Jacinto Valley. There are great options for every level of hikers from beginner to experienced; day hikes to overnight adventures.

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4. Location, location, location. San Jacinto Valley is in the perfect location. 90 miles to LA, 90 miles to San Diego, 60 miles to Lake Arrowhead, and 30 miles to Temecula. A few things we are looking forward to:

  • Disney
  • San Diego zoo
  • World class museums
  • Shopping
  • La Jolla cove
  • Visiting Lake Arrowhead
  • Beach, desert and mountains all in one day

5. Affordability: San Jacinto Valley is budget friendly for snowbirds. When comparing San Jacinto Valley to other southern California locales you’ll find the value can’t be beat.

Golden Village Palms

6. Special Events: There is always something happening in the area. Golden Village Palms, the largest RV Resort on the West Coast with a huge Snowbird population, offers a number of concerts and special events. There are other events happening in the area which ensures you’ll never have time to be bored while snowbirding in San Jacinto Valley.

7. Relaxation: The rural community offers snowbirds a place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Lots of wide open spaces make this the perfect place to enjoy a winter relaxing in the sun.

San Jacinto Valley Snowbird


8. Culture: The San Jacinto Valley offers a diverse mix of Latino and Native American cultures. Agriculture is also a big part of daily life in the region.


(c) http://www.temeculawines.org/

9. Wine: Nearby Temecula offers award wineries with 35 vineyards. Only 30 miles from San Jacinto Valley, Temecula offers snowbirds the opportunity to explore and sip through the area wine trails.

Lake hemet, ca

(c) http://www.lakehemet.org/index.php

10. Water! Lakes and ocean all nearby for your enjoyment. Boating, fishing, and water sports are abundant in the area.

Want more information about snowbirding in San Jacinto Valley? Click over Visit San Jacinto Valley. I also have a number of additional articles that can be found here: http://www.justshortofcrazy.com/2014/04/snowbird-life-in-san-jacinto-valley/

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  1. So many things to do in San Jacinto Valley! I’ve never been there before. Looks beautiful.

  2. Now, I want to go! The weather alone got me!!!

  3. Wow! Sounds like an amazing place to visit! I’m ready to pack my bags!

  4. Wow! That looks beautiful! Planing a trip to Temecula soon so I’ll have to go see San Jacinto for myself!

  5. I’m excited about exploring that area! I plan on going to Temecula while I’m in California.